9994 Brake & Parts Cleaner

Brake & Parts Cleaner cleans and degreases components in the automotive and industrial sector. Primarily intended for brakes, clutches, transmissions and for assembly and repair work. Removes oil and grease stains from floor coverings, fabrics and clothes.


  • Dissolved resin and tar-type residues
  • Removes oil and grease-based contaminants
  • Evaporates quick and residue free
  • High pressure for additional physical cleaning effect
  • Easy-to-use on difficult to reach places thanks to the 360 ° valve
  • Neutral towards rubber, nylon and plastic parts


  • Brake & Parts Cleaner can be used for a wide range of professional and DIY applications
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner


Available in


600 ML – aerosol, 360° Valve  REF. 9994