9948 Power Up Octane Booster

Power up octane booster is a special additive that improves the Properties of petrol. Specific combustion modifiers optimize the operation of modern high-tech petrol engines, improve combustion and boost the Octane number. Reduces detonation and starting difficulties, both of which occur when using low-octane or low-quality petrol. It reduces the emission of harmful substances and the toxicity of exhaust emissions. It promotes complete and effective fuel combustion, which indeed reduces fuel consumption. This product is recommended for engines with four-valve timing systems as well as for turbocharged engines.


  • Increases the octane number by 3 to 4 points depending on the RON of the gasoline
  • Increased power and dynamics of the engine
  • No harmful effects on catalytic converters or the environment
  • Reduces and prevents pinging of the engine
  • Avoids mechanical damage caused by pinging
  • Reduces head build up under high engine load
  • Can be used in leaded or unleaded petrol
  • Economical and easy to use (1:300)
  • Self-mixing


Suitable for all Petrol engines turbocharged and non-turbocharged including the latest generation directly injected with exhaust treatment systems. Perfect useable on older engines with carburettors.

  • Mixing Ration 1:30  (1 bottle / 10 L fuel) corresponds to an increase of 4 octane points.
  • Mixing Ration 1:100 (1 bottle / 30 L fuel) corresponds to an increase of 3 octane points.
  • Mixing Ration 1:200  (1 bottle / 60 L fuel) corresponds to an increase of 2 octane points.
  • Mixing Ration 1:300 (1 bottle / 90 L fuel) corresponds to an increase of 1 octane points.

Available in

300 ML – REF. 9948